Our activity in model-railroading, started in 1985. The first pieces, commercialized with the "il treno" brand, were the FS light signals in the two normal types: mounted on mast and also mounted on overline bridge; in this first production period, were also made the typical FS "cetra" station lamps. Since 1987 all these pieces, in perfect H0 gauge, distributed by "RIVAROSSI spa" and in 1988 started the production of the M and LS overhead system masts completed with the etched catenaries "ready-to-use" and "assembly kit" too; in the same year the company produced layout accessories. In 1991 the "BAYARD" locomotive (in limited edition with certification) production was completed. In total 115 "1:43,5 gauge" pieces of the locomotive were produced  with the same "RIVAROSSI spa" distribution. In 1993, when the  "RIVAROSSI spa" distribution finished, "il treno" company changed the name in "modellismo d'autore"; many new articles were produced: the kits for lighting towers, the high tension masts, the telephone cabins and many other articles.

In 1995 the owner sold the company and in 1996 he founded ”art&trains” producing Swiss SBB and German DB material in “0” and “1” gauge. The production regarded sophisticated accessories: bridge signals (only world-wide production in "0" and "1" gauges) , signals on mast, overhead system and layout accessories just as the past years. This production was widened until today with Italian FS and French SNCF pieces.

Through this multimedia catalogue is possible to  have a very large choice about all types of articles offered in the various gauges; lately has been added also the H0 gauge.

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